Shipping Policy

All shipments are F.O.B. Memphis, TN.

Default shipment method is UPS Ground.

Truck Ship Items

Orders larger in size or weight, or that include oversized items designated “truck ship” (indicated by the LOGO Truck_Icon_small_xs.png), will be delivered via common carrier. Such shipments will not be released until either the total ship value exceeds $500, or the customer authorizes shipment. This policy exists to ensure reasonable freight rates for our customers.


Backorders will be generated unless specified and are subject to review; backorders under $50 are subject to automatic cancellation. Truck ship backorders under $200 are also subject to automatic cancellation.

Shipping Status Codes

  • Open: Order received and waiting for the appropriate time for shipment.  Includes all future ship orders
  • Hold: Waiting on additional information
  • Released to the Warehouse: Order waived to the warehouse
  • In Line for Picking: Order released to the warehouse floor for picking
  • Being Picked:  Order is actively being picked
  • Picking Complete, To Be Loaded:  Picking process is complete.  Order is awaiting being loaded to the assigned carrier.
  • Shipped:  Order has been shipped and is awaiting invoicing
  • Confirmed:  Status right before inventory is adjusted and order is invoiced
  • Invoiced:  Shipped and invoiced order and tracking information is available
  • Cancelled:  Order has been cancelled