Blown Glass Vases, Blue, Peach & Mint Color, Set of 3
Collection: Pastel

This trio of blown glass vases is a celebration of subtle beauty, with each piece showcasing a soft hue of blue, peach, or mint. The round, smooth contours of the vases capture the light, creating a serene ambiance in any space. Their varying heights allow for versatility in display, choose to cluster them together or place them separately throughout the home. The handcrafted nature of these vases means that each one is as unique as the moments they help commemorate. Durable yet delicate, they are an exquisite addition to any decor, inviting a sense of calm and elegance wherever they are placed. A set of 3 blown glass vases, each radiating with its own ethereal charm in blue, peach, and mint. This trio of vases offers a delicate touch of color, perfect for enhancing minimalist or pastel-themed decor. Ideal for small floral arrangements, as individual accent pieces, or grouped together for a cohesive display.

Catalog Name: 4" Round x 6"H, 3-1/2" Round x 9"H & 3-1/2" Round x 7-1/2"H Blown Glass Vases, Blue, Peach & Mint Color, Set of 3

UPC: 191009649885

Inner: 1

Carton: 4

Cube: 2.356

Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5

Material: Glass

Shape: Round