Dried Natural Pinecones in Mesh Bag (Contains 15 Pieces) (Each One Will Vary)
Collection: Seasonal Blooms

This set of fifteen bleached dried natural pinecones, each measuring 2.5 inches round by 3 inches high, is a delightful addition to any decor. Housed in an airy mesh bag, these pinecones have been gently bleached to a pale, creamy hue, offering a contemporary twist on a classic ornament. Whether used to fill a glass bowl, strung into a garland, or scattered across a mantel, they infuse a touch of organic elegance into any space. Their natural beauty is preserved, while the bleaching process gives them a modern edge, making them a versatile choice for year-round decoration. A serene collection, these bleached pinecones exude a rustic yet refined charm, presented in a delicate mesh bag. An elegant touch, they're perfect for creating a winter wonderland theme or complementing a minimalist decor style. Ideal for holiday crafting or as a chic table centerpiece, these pinecones bring a natural and festive element to the home.

Catalog Name: Approximately 2-1/2" Round x 3"H Dried Natural Pinecones in Mesh Bag, Bleached (Contains 15 Pieces) (Each One Will Vary)

UPC: 191009633839

Inner: 0

Carton: 12

Cube: 1.3281

Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5

Shape: Round